Saturday, November 21, 2009

Eh. So Much for my "Plan"


Not so much back to that regular blogging I was promising in my last post that was dated ohhhhhh...sometime a little over a week ago.

I could give you the usual excuses, but that is boring and I am pretty sure you all know them by now anyway.

I realized a few days ago that my uhhh (excuse me I had to leave and go check my archives to make sure I am correct. I do my best to keep my reporting factual here at Babble On.) 4 year blogiversary passed sometime in early mid to late October.


4 years is a long time to stay committed to something like this.

My readership is small. Very small. Minute. Teeny. I get about an average of 7 page views per day. Total visits since I started keeping track, which was some time well after I started the blog show that I have had around 9,000 visits to my page.

Seedling status compared to many of the blogs I frequent.

I am pretty sure that a good portion of the hits I get are from a picture that is the #1 Google Image Serach if you type Wizard Hat Cupcakes.

That is my biggest claim to fame with this thing. Which always gives me a little giggle.

Not that I was ever looking for fame and fortune from this venture. But it is nice to be recognized for something I suppose. Everyone should be #1 in some area right?

I guess me and my famous Wizard Hat Cupcake picture will keep it going for now.

Why stop after this long? As long as people keep commenting, I suppose I will keep Babbling On.


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