Sunday, November 29, 2009

Who Knew?

I have wanted to get a new Christmas tree for a few years now.

I have had the same artificial tree for nearly 10 years now. When we bought it we lived in a much smaller house with MUCH lower ceilings. I would like a tree that is more in proportion with our current space.

For the past few years I keep saying that I am going to hit the day after Christmas sales and get a new tree.

Every year I have awakened the day after Christmas and decided that staying home and chillaxing sounded like a much better idea.

This year I have decided to just go out and get a new tree now. Post Christmas sale prices be damned! It is time to get real and say out loud that fighting crowds is not worth a bargain to me.

We had planned to put up decorations tonight, and I said that we would do everything but the tree tonight and shared my intent to purchase a new one.

Oh. Sweet. SWEET. Baby. Jesus.

I had no idea that this announcement would be received by the children in much the same manner had I announced that we were not putting up any decorations, would not be observing Christmas, and instead would be spending the entire day picking lint and cat hair off the carpet.

Were they upset because we were not going to put up all the decorations tonight?

Nay my friends.

They were upset because I intend to buy a new tree.

#2 was so upset, that we indeed did not put up any decorations this evening, she had no interest because she was too sad. Tears, very very sad drawings about her feelings, the whole nine yards.

Now my girls love their traditions, and do hate to give things up, but let me tell you I never in 10,000 years expected to get such grief over this issue.

#1 got over it more quickly once I said that the old tree may very well become the new tree for my office.

#2 was not mollified by this news. Nor was she comforted by the news that we would still put up the same decorations, and all the rest of Christmas would be the same.

It seems that she is tired of changes.

I suspected something like this.

We have had a pretty hectic change filled couple of months. Frankly that she held on this long without so much as a hint of a meltdown was pretty impressive.

After many hugs, cuddles, and a LOT of reassurance (coupled with my assurance to her that we are INDEED GETTING A NEW TREE regardless of begging and pleading on her part) she was able to come around. Not excited about the new tree, but accepting at least. Less sad too.

Those coping skills are improving with age.

Hers and mine.

Because I should probably let you in on a not so much a secret.

She comes by her dislike of change naturally.


Michelle said...

Sometimes I'm amazed at how similar your #2 and my #2 are. On the eve of the new bedroom furniture arrival my #2 became weepy and melancholy because she felt it wasn't yet time to say good-bye to the old furniture. Alas, all is now forgotten now that the new furniture has arrived (she's actually spending extra time in bed reading, etc.). May it be so w/ your #2 and the new tree!

Missy said...

I am hopeful. So hopeful.

Shari said...

I have a daughter like your #2. She gets very emotional when anything changes. She likes things to stay the same for as long as possible.

Ali said...

Okay, the very, very sad drawings killed me. It was worth the grief for my laughing fit alone.