Monday, May 03, 2010

Cranky Gift Horse

Mother's Day is near.

I typically enjoy giving gifts. But I wonder if lately my enjoyment is beginning to wane.

The last few gift giving occasions have caused me to say, "Oh Crap!" instead of "Oh Good!"

Particularly those occasions that involve gifts for the parents.

I seem to be completely void of creative gift ideas. BH is no better.

We have avoided discussing Mother's Day because no one has a single decent idea.

Father's Day looms. Oy Father's Day. It makes Mother's Day look like something, well you can just make up your own metaphor here. Our father's are so difficult to buy for.

"But Missy," I know you are saying, "Just ask them what they would like."

Oh nonononononononono NO.

Not only is this a fruitless endeavor, it is one guaranteed to make my head explode loudly enough to be heard in Canada.

I won't bore you with the details, but I swear I am going to punch my dad the next time I ask him if there is anything he would like or need, and I hear, "OOhh it's just another day. It doesn't matter to me." Every. Single. Mother. ##$*&^.Time.

I had a gem of an idea yesterday while lying around and putting off getting myself around for the day.

Our girls love to pretend that they are wait staff at a fancy restaurant. So, thinks I, howz about we turn our house into a fancy restaurant and serve our moms a fancy dinner served by their very cute grandaughters?

It will work like this, on Sunday we will deliver fancy invitations and a bouquet of flowers to our mothers for a fancy dinner at Chez Babble in two weeks.

That gives us two weeks to plan, shop, and execute our fancy dinner.


Now, what to put on the menu.......


Michelle said...

This kind of a dinner is one of our traditional gifts to the in-laws for Christmas and they (and the girls) love it!

Shari said...

That is a brilliant idea. I might steal it when the girls are a bit older.

Anonymous said...

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