Thursday, September 16, 2010

Don't ask me 'bout the train

Let's just say the train is in the shop for maintenance this week shall we?


I don't even know where to begin.

Have I mentioned yet that I don't always care for the beginning of the school year?

I bet that if you look back on the nearly 5(!) years I have been writing this blog at some point in mid-September to early October there is a post where I whine about how hectic the schedule is, and how I miss my house husband.

Well I ain't about to stop now.

I hate this time of the year.
I hate feeling like the wicked witch who does nothing but crack the "oh my God we have to hurry and get everything done and we have no time" whip.
I hate feeling like my only interactions with my children involve me reviewing the checklist to make sure everything is done.

I could list several more things I hate, but I am beginning to hate writing about things I hate.

Let's just say the past two weeks have been hectic, and adjusting to school and activities in full force life blows.

Hopefully my next post will have less grouch and more hooray.

Until then......



Shari said...

I'm with you about this time of the year. I feel like I spend each morning yelling at our girls to get out the door so they can get to the bus on time. They like school, so that's not the problem. It's that they are seven, with seven-year-old attention spans. We start to put on shoes, think of something else to do and go off with one shoe on and one shoe waiting. I know it gets better, but I hate being so strung out each morning.

Colleen said...

Amen, amen, amen. I seem to get grumpier every week as more and more activities resume from their summer hiatus. And we don't even do that many things--I just can't seem to handle as much as most people can.

And I hate cooking/meal planning/shopping and do a worse job of it the less time I have, so it's been lots of grilled cheese around here lately. I fantasize about being one of those people who always feeds themselves and their families a healthy, home-cooked meal full of fresh CSA produce, but it hasn't happened yet. (I would be the only one who would eat those lovely meals in this picky household, and we don't have a CSA).

Hang in there on the train--I'm so impressed by what you've been able to do. I've been trying to run/walk for the last month but the running is killing my knees, so haven't made much progress. I have the same cholesterol problem you do so need to get on it!