Monday, August 30, 2010

First week back on the train

Ok. So....first week back on the train. I exercised 6 out of 7 days. 5 out of those 6 I got in a whole hour of exercise. Win!

I started doing a 20 minute Pilates workout this weekend. Ow. Owie. Ow. But again...Win for toning!

Healthy eating...healthy eating you evil evil beeyotch.

I did GREAT all week. Then came Friday. Ohhh Friday. Then it was Saturday. Friday was going well until we made an unplanned trip to On the Border. I have no willpower when it comes to Mexican. N.O.N.E. Chips and Salsa are like crack on crack to me. I will continue to eat that shit even if I am stuffed so full of it chips and salsa are coming out of every orifice. Then I had a huge soda too. I can not and will not drink diet soda. Icky Poo. I did not order a soda. I started off with a large glass of water with lemon. However my fair city is currently having a water quality problem. In a nutshell our tapwater smells and tastes like dirt. Yes a lovely musty dirt. It is not palatable and apparently is not going away any time soon. At any rate after one swallow of the dirt water, it was soda for me.

So yeah. Saturday. Hmm..where shall I begin. Smoothies....while tasty, the pack fairly high wallop calorically speaking. Even the ones that are all fruit like I had. Big soft pretzel.....Jesus H. Christ on a popiscle stick. I may as well have eaten a cheeseburger. Those things are off the fraking chart! Then there was a party with pizza rolls, cheesy potatoes, tiny cheesecake, cheese, peanut m&ms. Oh all hell just broke lose. Not to mention the Cosmo, AND another coke consumed as an effort to avoid dirt water. Oy. Yeah....Saturday was a big ol' fail.

Weight. My scale can suck it. Seriously. Saturday morning, Hooray! I lost two pounds. Which apparently all came back today. Whatever. Geez I wasn't THAT bad and I exercised! For an hour Saturday and Sunday!

So this week's grade fo the Journey. Slightly above a Meh. Some definite positive strides made.

Now...I must torture my core.

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