Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pressure! (insert synthesizer riff a la Billy Joel here)

For the earworm...you are welcome.

Some of the five of you who read this may know that BH is a very funny and very clever man.

I love the fact that he is funny and clever, it makes my life at home very entertaining. I like that.

However sometimes being in the presence of such amazing humor and cleverosity (sometimes I like to add osity to words a la Georgia. Makes things so much more fun. Read that series of books I just linked too. You won't be sorry and don't let the YA aspect turn you away.) causes me to feel less than clever and humorous in comparasin. I like to be entertaining too.

Shallow of me? Yes indeedy. But what can ya do. Sometimes shallow happens.

My husband created a note on his FB page that talks about a discussion on a website he frequents. He posed the question on FB to open it up to responses.

I can not come up with an answer to the stupid question because I am allowing myself to be paralyzed and pressured by the idea that my response must be funny and entertaining. This is making me crazy.

Stupid? Probably.

Shallow? For sure.

But there it is.

Hope you all enjoyed my little confessional today. Feel free to share your own confessions.


Crazy doesn't like to be lonely.

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