Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Maybe some vitamin D?

Yeah I have been absent once again. Because all my blog ideas involve me griping about something.

I had once again avoided blogging because who wants to read me doing nothing but bitching?

After having mulled this over I decided that perhaps getting the bitching out there out of my head may help it go away.

So here we go.

I have missed 5 days of work this past month due to snow. When all the schools close so do I because if people aren't going to school then they ain't coming to therapy.

This has resulted in me working several long Fridays to make up at least a portion of the missed appointments. I know I know. Poor poor Missy has to work ALL day on a Friday. I realize how this is middle class white girl privilege whining , but dammit I have worked hard for a long time to get my schedule so that I only see a couple of clients on Fridays. I do this so that I have time to get other shit done (y'know like notes and phone calls and the other assorted requests that are made of me by my clients) AND so that on the off chance me or one of the kids gets sick, or some other issue comes up that requires me missing a day of work I can make up some if not all of that time. I don't like having to do this EVERY Friday of the month because Mother Nature decided it would be fun to give us a winter's worth of snowfall in one month's time. It is throwing off my routine and schedule and those who know me well know that makes for some very cranky Missy Babble. Please know that as I am typing this it is snowing AGAIN. Supposedly we are going to only have a couple of inches this time along with some ridICulous cold weather. Hopefully this will only result in a cancelation or two at most.

While we are on the topic of winter weather, my inner cavewoman can not be shut up. She seems to think that I need to eat lots of high calorie food to bulk up for this tundra like winter we have been experiencing. So my efforts for the one bazillionth time to lose this stupid 10 pounds I gained back are not going well. I am cranky because I am hungry for crappy food, so I eat the crappy food I know I shouldn't because I am tired of feeling cranky about it, and then I berate myself because I am not doing what I know I need to do to lose the weight. I don't want to exercise because it is fucking freezing in the damn basement where all the exercise equipment is housed, AND the basement is a mess because we are trying to make it a finished space, and it is going to be a long slow process. My YMCA membership is going unused because the weather has been too crappy to go, people have been sick, and I am stuck working during the time I would usually go. So yeah.. there is that.

We have a new super conservative governor now and a bunch of ultra conservative legislators now running our fine state. I am not by any stretch of the imagination conservative. I am having serious anger responses to the decisions made by this administration. I feel very helpless and not represented in my home state and it is very upsetting. I am fairly sure this is going to be the case for the next 8 years and it makes me sick. Seriously sick, and so very very sad. The decisions being made make no sense to me and the reasoning behind the decisions seems very very flawed to me. I get that we are in a serious budget crisis. I understand that programs have to be cut. What I don't understand is cutting people's wages, and a total refusal to look at raising taxes to help keep necessary services in place. There have been tax proposals that would really not be noticeable to most people in the state, and raise a LOT of revenue. Instead our fine legislators are likely going to cut state employee salaries by 7.5%. I am pretty sure those people will feel that a lot more than paying a few cents extra for a soda, or a pack of cigarettes. Not to mention the fact that a cut like that will have more people requiring money sucking aid like medicaid and welfare. How does that help the budget situation? When money has been tight for me in the past I cut costs AND found an second job to provide extra revenue. I don't understand why our state can't do the same. If everyone else around here whose opinion differs from mine can make similar comparasins for their argument then so can I dammit.

I think those are my main grievances for right now.

In more positive news. I have been keeping my resolution so far, and my nails look fabulous.

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Rachel said...

Hugs! Sometimes you just need to let it all out.