Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hello my name is Missy and I have control issues

B.H. and I are preparing for a trip to Chicago this weekend.

"Oh, how romantic and fun!" You might be thinking.

Romantic...not much chance. Fun....well I hope so.

You see we will be joined by about 80+ high school students and a handful of adults.

Did I mention that we will be traveling there on a bus?

So now you can see where the romance went, and perhaps you also get why I am not convinced that fun will be part of this trip either.

When B.H. first told me of this proposed trip for his students my immediate reaction was don't think even for a MINUTE that I will not be joining you for this trip. Travel doesn't happen often around here and when it does it usually is for purposes of visiting family. While enjoyable, not particularly adventurous. I was taken in by the idea of seeing Wicked, and going to groovy museums and dare I

I will get to do all of those things. I am happy about that, and sure that I will enjoy it.

In the past day or so however I have begun to consider the realities of the trip, and in so doing have begun to question the wisdom of my insistence upon joining in this venture.

Now I may have mentioned this before.....but I like to plan things. I usually think my way of planning is the best choice for all involved. Sometimes this is a good thing.

Sometimes it is not.

It has just occurred to me that I will be following someone else's plans and schedule for this entire trip.

Despite how much I may want to alter the plans I will be unable to do so.

Also...I am going to be on a bus full of people I don't know for approximately 24 hours total by the time all is said and done. 24 hours. On. A. Bus.

Dear Lord what I have I gotten myself in to?

If I had thought of these things a few months ago, I am not sure I would have been so insistent on going.

In truth this may be good for me. There are those who might say it would be good for me to lighten up a bit, let go of the steering wheel so to speak. Being around others will be good. My social life has dwindled to a virtual halt over the past few years..but that I suppose is a post for another day. So let's leave it will be good for me to exercise social skills that I fear I have completely lost due to my lack of socializing with grownups in particular.

I am trying to maintain a positive attitude.

I am also trying to think of how I can occupy myself on a really long ass bus ride.

Any suggestions?


Ali said...

Chicago? What happened to NYC?!

Yeah, surrendering to other people's plans... I feel your pain. Especially when those plans are wrong. (And unless I've planned them, they most certainly are.)

Missy said...

Actually I believe those were technically my first words to BH when he told me about the Chicago trip. Of course if we were going to NYC I would be much less chaperone, (except when they were doing something interesting)I would be more tag along for the cheap accomodations, cuz I gots people to see! Apparently there were NYC trips last year and another group already planned one this year, and Chicago was cheap.