Saturday, October 06, 2007

A little twitchy

When I was a kid, EVERY Sunday we would go over to my grandmother's house for dinner with the rest of my family. Sometime around the time I was about 10 years old, they stopped for some reason that I can not recall 25 years later. For a while now I have been saying that we should try to re-instate the Sunday dinner. Not every Sunday, but perhaps once a month, and not a roast dinner every time either. That was what we had E-V-E-R-Y Sunday. Lately those of us in my large and sprawling family have been reminiscing about the food and desserts my grandmother used to make. My grandmother has serious arthritis and suffered a stroke about 6 years ago as a result just can not stand up in the kitchen long enough to bake and cook like she used too. We have all been very sad about that for a long time.

SOOooo, finally last week I got up off my butt and made arrangements to start this Sunday dinner thing back up once and for all. The idea has been met with much enthusiasm. My goal for the next year or so is to learn how to make the cakes, pies and other assorted baked yummies that my grandma used to make. On our birthdays every year she would make each person in the family their favorite pie or cake. My grandma was not much of one for recipes, and she is not getting younger, so I have to start now, and have her dictate while I do the work and write down those recipes that have not been written down.

This is a long winded way of getting to why I am a little twitchy. Tomorrow is the first dinner, the menu is Chicken and Dumplings (the home made roast a chicken roll out the dumplings kind) salad, rolls, green beans, Fresh Apple Cake, and Cherry Dessert. There might be a couple of other things too, but I can't recall them now because they are not my responsibility. I am providing dessert and the house. I feel that is a plenty. Now these desserts are REVERED in my family and I have never made them before. It has been a long time since anyone has had them so there has been a lot of time for memories of how wonderful they were to build to out of control proportions. The fresh apple cake is baking as I type. It is taking every thing I have not to cut a slice and take it to my mother's house to make sure it is ok. (This cake is not my favorite, so I am no judge. That is also why we are having cherry dessert. Cream Cheese, Dream Whip, Cherry pie filling. Just hand me a spoon people.)

So think good food thoughts for me people. I got a tough audience tomorrow.

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