Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hmmm I should write something

Thanks to those who commented on my last sad poor pitiful me post. It was appreciated.

I have come to the conclusion that we have far too many animals in this house.

Love the new kitty. Love her. She is cute and it is a good thing she is cute or she may have been dropped out of the third story window recently. Or thrown against the wall in the middle of the night when she decides that my face is a good plaything. Now that she is well we are seeing what a little ball of fire she is. No object is safe from play. Finally she is snoozing or it would take me 5 days to write this post for all of the stopping to get the cat off the keyboard. Because she must conquer the evil cursor. It must be stopped!

The dog could squash the kitty with one paw and has attempted to do just that. Apparently she is not amused by Mittens attempts to subdue her tail and ears. (She is a bassett hound if I haven't mentioned that before, and tiny kitty can NOT resist trying to get those long floppy ears.) So unless we want to play security guard, the kitten and the dog can not be out together at the same time without constant supervision. Can you guess how much fun that is? Since Kansas has recently adopted an artic climate we can not leave the dog out for long so it becomes a game of figuring out which animal deserves freedom.

Senior citizen kitty has hissed, growled, and slapped tiny kitty on numerous occasions and tiny kitty does not give a shit. She just stands there and goes for the tail again and again. Not sure if it is bravery or stupidity but she is not the least intimidated by Kalypso. And she can be one mean cat. She subdues and corners our dog that outweighs her by 36 pounds. She is a badass our senior lady.

Went to see Juno over the weekend. I give it high marks and strongly suggest you go see it if you can find the opportunity. Fun music too.

Hmm I think that is it. I am going to go lie down in my now complete Tempur-pedic bed. We got the base FINALLY on Friday. It is AMAZING. It adjusts at the head and foot. My personal favorite setting is zero gravity. So comfy. It has a massage feature. It is nice. However...our bedroom is on the second floor and we have wood floors. The mechanism that makes the whole bed massage is huge and it kind of sounds like a freight train. We put a rug and carpet pad under the bed and it has helped but it is still loud. BH can not stay awake in the bed any longer. He falls asleep within minutes of lying down. I think he has napped no less than twice a day since we got the base in. It is that comfy. So my official recommendation is get a tempur pedic mattress if you have the means. Totally worth the bend-over required to pay for it.

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