Friday, January 25, 2008

Portion Control


Tonight we are the hosts of a sleepover for #1 and her best friend. So I thawed out some DELICIOUS double chocolate chip cookie dough that I made a couple of weeks ago and baked a pan of cookies for a bed time snack.

These cookies are very rich as I am sure you can imagine. One should and really does suffice. But you see when it comes to things in the sugary food group I can not seem to stop at one. I must have three cookies with a milk chaser. Then of course my stomach is uncomfortably full, and I berate myself because I knew that this would happen. Apparently I don't learn from previous mistakes in this area. I probably need rehab or something.

#2 is experiencing a milestone today...her first time to sleep over at a friend's house. We have been planning this for at least two weeks and endured the daily countdown (I would talk about #2's method of counting down days to anticipated events that somehow manages to shave 2-3 days off the actual number, but it is complicated and I am not sure I understand it. Perhaps she can guest blog for me and discuss.) We have also endured the back and forth between being very excited to the very apprehensive. #2 has some anxious leanings. I don't know WHERE she gets that from!

Hmmm...other news. #1 was selected to participate in the spelling bee today at school. She made it through the first round and then was downed by the word federal. Left out that 2nd e. Bummer. They ran it like a real spelling bee too. Up in front of a crowd with microphones. A little nerve wracking for #1 who is not fond of anything that resembles a performance in front of a crowd. She said that she only did it for the "fun of spelling." Can't argue with that.

Well, I should probably go through the long and arduous process of getting two 10 year olds settled down to sleep. Although I must say that I doubt that it will seem as long and arduous as my afternoon is likely to be tomorrow when I have to deal with the post sleep over hangover ALL BY MYSELF WHILE SOME PEOPLE GO AND PLAY HEROCLIX AT A LOCATION THAT IS NOT THE HOUSE WHERE OVER TIRED AND GRUMPY CHILDREN RULE THE EARTH.

Not that I am bothered by it or anything.

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Ali said...

Okay, how can you not share your double chocolate cookie recipe after a post like this?!