Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Now available in Arabic, Hebrew and Persian!

Apparently those are the three new languages that can be found on blogger now.

As I speak none of them, you won't find me using them here. I am glad to know they are available should I suddenly become fluent.

Unfortunately for me the only language I speak fluently is English. Sort of.

If I could choose another language to speak fluently it would have to be Spanish.

Man.... in my field I could just about name my salary if I could speak Spanish.

But I don't, so other people must name my salary for me which is really too bad because who better than I knows what me am worth?

Speaking of my field I have been at my current job for just shy of TWO WHOLE YEARS.

That is almost a record. I believe my record at a job to date is two and a half years.

I am pretty content with what I am doing right now, and not really looking to change. This is a very new experience for me. It might surprise you to hear that I have had some difficulty achieving job satisfaction. I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that I spent a hell of a lot of time doing things that were not what I spent two point five years of blood, sweat, tears, and a shitload of money at graduate school to become.

This particular job happens to be just what I envisioned when I was in graduate school. It only took me 8 years post graduate school to get there. That 8 year journey is a long story to be sure.

Maybe I will tell it tomorrow.

So...the way I figure it, if you look at my time at this job in terms of what I have called Missy Job Time (MJT) I have actually been working there what would be the equivalent of 10 years of regular non job jumping person time. (NJJPT).

I think that means I am entitled to all the perks of someone who has been employed at agency for 10 years don't you? The vacation accrual increase and back pay for raises that I would have been entitled to will suffice. OR I would settle for being paid at my current rate, if they will allow me to work 30 hours a week instead of 40. I am reasonable and flexible.

What I will get definitely once I reach the 2 year mark? I will accrue more vacation time (three and half weeks a year) AND....AND....a plant.

I have never gotten a plant from my job before. Yet another new experience!

Longevity Rocks!

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