Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Don't read if you don't want to hear complaining

My week has sucked and I don't want any more of it.

Monday: Extremely busy at work. Got home late. Had dinner late. After late dinner #2 smashes her hand in a door. Much screaming and bleeding. Difficult to determine if it needs stitches. Notice that Minor Med is closed for the evening. Reluctantly decide that she is probably ok.

Tuesday: Extremely busy at work. Get home late. Run around like a crazed person to get children picked up and #2 to piano on time. Sit at piano lesson and look forward to coming home to husband and dinner. Get home to find no husband and dinner still in the crock-pot. Dinner is even later than the night before. Check out #2's wound, see that it is still bleeding. Decide that is probably not right and take her to Minor Med. Soothe child while she receives 2 stitches. Reluctantly agree to bring child back the next day for an x-ray. Off to Walgreens for antibiotic and get home to put #2 to bed late.

Wednesday: Very busy at work. Behind on paperwork. Fret all day about whether or not x-ray is REALLY necessary since child seems to be ok. Decide to follow doctor's advice. Take child to x-ray appointment. Wait a long time. Find out finger is broken. Feel like a crappy parent because I was thisclose to skipping the x-ray. Obviously my injury judgement is not to be trusted. Go back to work. Rush home with 5 minutes to change clothes and get child to dance class. Come home shower children and get them in to bed. Do other chores. Fart around on the computer. Notice that I am really hungry. Notice it is 9:22 and I have not eaten since lunch.

Guess I better go eat.


filthEdesign said...

i can't imagine TWO kids :) with possibly 2 different sets of activities...we are lucky to eat dinner by 9pm any day of the week and that's with only one kid!!

and i hope #2 recovers quickly :)

Missy said...

Thanks. She seems to be doing pretty well. It hasn't slowed her down much, and she is still practicing her piano without one bit of complaining.

This time of year is hectic. One girl does two activities and the other does one, all total we spend two ours a week on activities. That is total for both kids, so it isn't too bad I guess. This week with all the drama from injuries it has just felt crazy.

Colleen said...

Oh, gosh, Missy, what a week! I sure hope it settled down a little for you. And don't kick yourself much about the broken finger--once my little brother fell off the stationary train at Gage Park and broke his wrist--and it took us a couple of days to figure that out. And I hate to think about how many times my girls have had an earache for God knows how long b/c I thought they were exaggerating or they weren't really crying about it much or I couldn't get them into the doctor any earlier (no Med Assist here which SUCKS!).