Monday, September 29, 2008

Subtle changes

A friend was recently talking about a shift she had noticed with her children recently, and how subtlely (is that spelled right? I can't tell. I am really too lazy to spell check or grab the dictionary. So I am imposing poor spelling on you helpless reader.) the changes came about.

Kids seem to do that once they are past those rapidly changing infant/toddler years. Once the preschool and ESPECIALLY elementary school years hit, things just seem to go along and then BAM, or perhaps rather whisper..there is a barely perceptible change that creeps up on you.

I think some of that is happening at Chez Babble. A just noticeable change. I think it is around responsibility and "taking care of business" as we refer to it around here. I don't have to nag or remind as much for things like chores to happen. They seem to finally get the idea that the sooner we take care of business the more time there is for leisure. I think it is change in development. Interesting to observe. Exciting to experience. A slight twinge of sad is in the mix for it means less dependence and more independence which is not always as welcome as one might expect.

On to other topics.

I am getting all kinds of worked up about this election. I don't think I am getting worked up in a healthy or productive way either.

I doubt that it is good/healthy/prudent of me to want to walk up to a stranger in the store wearing a McCain/Palin t-shirt and pummel that person while screaming, "WHY???WHY???? FOR THE LOVE OF BABY JESUS WHY WOULD YOU WASTE YOUR ONE PRECIOUS VOTE THAT YOU ONLY GET TO USE ONCE EVERY FOUR YEARS ON THIS COUPLE???????HAVE YOU SEEN THEM IN ACTION???I POOP MYSELF NEARLY EVERY TIME ONE OF THEM OPENS THEIR MOUTH!!!!!!!!!I DON'T WANT YOU TO HELP ME UNDERSTAND I JUST WANT YOU TO STOOOOOOPPPPPPP!!!!"

Nope....not healthy at all.

November can't come too soon. God help me if things don't go my way, as I am afraid I will do something ridiculous.


Shari Schmidt said...

I'm with you on the McCain/Palin comment. I'm really insulted that she's the standard for female candidates. I never want to set such a low bar for our girls. I loved when Nancy Pelozi became the first Speaker of the House. I might not always agree with her, but I think she's really smart. These are difficult times. I want really, really smart people leading the way. These two, well...

Missy said...

Yeah. "Well.." sums it up quite nicely.

Can't wait for election day. My blood pressure can't take much more!

Woman with a Hatchet said...


Don't pummel anyone verbally. Mentally, though....