Thursday, October 02, 2008

Food Rut

I think I am in a food rut.

For the past week nothing sounds good, and I am having loads of trouble figuring out what I want to eat. This is especially problematic at breakfast and lunch.

Anyone else have this trouble? If you do what do you do to get out of it?


Not your mommy said...

I often find myself in the same situation, especially when it comes to planing the family's dinner menu for the week. No one seems to care what we have when asked, yet once we sit down they all seem to have strong objections to what I picked, so I often find myself with little interest in what we have for our meals. To get out of that, and to avoid seven meals in a row consisting of chicken nuggets and hamburgers, I make the family watch a simple cooking show with me like Everyday Foods, or I go to the children's cookbook section at the library. They have to make decisions and usually the recepies are cheep enough and easy enough for me to handle. If all else fails there is always Applebee's.

Colleen said...

Missy--I'm having this problem too. My family likes very bland, boring food, the same old thing over and over and over, and I am just sick of it! I want to try new things, and use actual spices once in a while, and occasionally even stick a vegetable in a casserole. Any of these options is either a) too complicate to figure out/execute in real weekday life or b) guaranteed to end in serious whining on the part of hubby and kids and anger on my part for not being appreciated. And I'm already bored with my sack lunches at work.

So, I'm sorry I don't have any solutions--but I am so interested in the question and hoping other readers will pop in with their suggestions!

filthEdesign said...

i start looking through cookbooks, watching the food network (when we had cable) and browsing recipes on

a great, easy, DELICIOUS meal that will make you think gourmet:

take salmon fillets (salt, pepper, lemon to taste) put them on a cookie sheet

put puff pastry on the cookie sheet as well (read the directions, i think you just stick it on frozen, buy it in the freezer section)

cook for 10 minutes (or until suitably done)

you'll need a tomato and pesto as well (you can buy pesto in the store but we make our own).

when the salmon and puff pastry are done take them out.

on your plate layer puff pasty, salmon, pesto, tomato and eat!

it is so good and will take like 20 minutes in total...

i learned that from giada on the food network :)