Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cool Mom Points

I don't get cool mom points very often. I can be kinda boring I guess. Rigid perhaps.

At any rate, a big rule at our house is no TV during dinner time. This is not too hard to enforce seeing as the TV is located in the attic.

Every once in a great while I will elect to bend those rules. Usually occurs on a night when we have brought home bagged or boxed food from a local fast food establishment.

Tuesday night was one of those nights. (We seem to have a lot of "those nights" right now.)

BH was out making one of the 10 million trips to Lowe's that he has to do during what I refer to as "Crazy set building season." So it was just me and the girls.

Tuesday was a busy evening, reherasal til 5:30 for BH and the girls, piano for #2 from 6-6:30. Add one massive headache for the mom and it was off to Chez Arches.

The girls had not a moment of down time since school let out, so I declared that dinner was to be eaten by the TV while they watched the WhoBob Whatpants that had been recorded the day before.

Oh the celebrating! Oh the love and kind remarks I got!

Here are a few of my favorites:

You are the best mommy in the world.
I like you better than any other mom. If you weren't my mom I would be so sad.

So easy to please children sometimes.


Wendy said...

Your hubby is in theatre? I'm in the middle of a high school musical (not THAT HS Musical, but you get the idea). It's absolutely amazing to me how much of a time drain it can be, but I love it anyway.

Missy said...

Yup. He is the artistic director, technical director, prop man, costumer, publicity director, box office manager, and a few other things I likely forgot. So yes the time suck is AMAZING.