Saturday, October 11, 2008


I have been listening to the very faint (thank G0d) strains of the Wiggles since #2 went to bed.

That is some music that has been set aside for a few years now, seeing as #2 has been past the preschool years for awhile now.

Maybe this is considered going retro for the 7 year old set.

Speaking of retro...

I have spent some time looking back at old blog posts. I know that my "Blogiversary" is coming up soon and I had to go back to the first post to figure out the exact date. That of course led to reading more old posts, because I needed something to distract me from that damn basket of laundry.

My blog has changed a lot. I used to post little pictures to go with the topic I posted about, I even had a weekly post-thingy of my own creation. Hottie of the Week. I would be so crazy as to choose a different font color for each post. I also used to post much more frequently.

Maybe it is time for me to go Retro on this blog!

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