Thursday, December 18, 2008

Don't go away!

I promise promise PROMISE I will return to regular posting soon.

Quick update:

Show is totally O-V-E-R! It went well, but I can not put in to words how glad I am to be done. I am saying it again. No more holiday shows for a LOOOOOOONG time.

Now I must deal with Christmas. Nary a gift has been purchased yet, and I am just approching panic mode. I have never been so late to begin my shopping, and sadly I have no idea what to get most people on my list. This may be a very uninspired year. I hate that. I love my daughters, and I fully realize they are just being children, but my head will explode if I am asked ONE. MORE. TIME. "When are we making Christmas cookies?" I have no presents, no ideas for presents. We are hosting Christmas eve, my house is filthy, and I have no idea as of yet what I am feeding all the people who will be here. So yeah, Christmas baking....low on the list. But I will come through, and hopefully come through with out biting any little girls' heads off.

I have got a MAJOR case of the too much going on for too long crankies. I am hoping that a reduction in activites and not quite two weeks off from work are going to cure me, before things get out of hand.

So once I have dealt with Christmas I hope to get back to regular blogging. I have some posts that have been percolating for a while, so there will be topics to discuss.

I hope to get back here before Christmas, but in case I don't I hope all of you have very happy, safe, and fulfilling holidays!

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