Friday, December 19, 2008

Just so you know

I am not a the computer techie genius I like to fancy that I am.

Got a new wireless router tonight because my old one was well.....old and I have been having serious connection issues for about oh...three weeks now.

The directions for the new router seemed easy enough, however I was not able to connect to the internet at ALL after installing the new router. Not by laptop, not by desktop PC. Hence, I was worse off than before.

Thankfully the tech support person was able to help me fix it.

I have pondered enlisting professional help next time I undertake such an adventure.

Then and tech support are free.

Next time I won't fart around for over an hour before making that call.

Let's hope this fixes my problem for good.

This no internet connection crap has been interfering with my Facebook addiction and we can't have that!

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