Saturday, March 21, 2009

Disturbed Maybe, Bothered Definitely

Last night I once again dreamt that I was at work. I really hate those dreams. I especially hate them when I am on vacation as is the case right now.

So the dream starts off with me just being at work doing what I do. Then I am off to meet with my former supervisor about new job responsibilities that she will be overseeing. (A dose of real life there.) While meeting with my former supervisor, a co-worker comes in and crawls on to a couch that is in the office, says that she needs to take a nap and then uses a remote control which causes the couch to fold up and cocoon her. Next, my former supervisor and I are driving in rainstorm, it is a very heavy rainstorm, and suddenly something (I still don't know what) crashes through the windshield and shatters it. Then in the funny way that dreams do, we are all back in her office talking about what happened, and checking to make sure everyone is ok. I say I am fine, but my mouth is full of glass from the windshield. I keep spitting mouthfuls of glass in to a sink. I start to panic about the possibilities for me if I have swallowed glass, and then wake up.

This dream has stuck with me all day. One reason I think is because the sensation of having a mouthful of glass seemed very real. That has creeped me out on several occasions today. The second reason is I keep wondering what this dream might be about... really. Oddly, I seem to be halting that stream of thought before it goes to far.

I am not always sure what I think about meaning in dreams. But for whatever reason this one is bugging me, so I feel that on some level there is more than just a weird dream going on here.

I think that part of me does not want to examine it because of my less than cordial feelings about changes the agency has implemented right now. As I have said in other posts I am trying really hard to push through these feelings. Given my complete dread about returning to work next week, it seems the pushing through is not going so well.

Bleah. I do not like this. Not one little bit.

Missy is struggling.

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Shari said...

Everyone I know is stressed about work right now. Whether you're feeling good about your job or not, it seems to be the norm.