Sunday, March 29, 2009

Professing my love to Sirius

If you have been reading this blog for a long time, you may recall that in the past I have had a rant or two about the piss poor state of radio 'round my home town.

If I was a cooler, better blogger I would have those posts tagged, categorized, bedazzled, and all the other things the hip bloggers do. Alas I am lazy and do not bother with all that, therefore I am not going to be able to link back to those posts. I have neither the time nor inclination to go back through 3.5 years of posts to find what I am looking for.

YOU may if you are so inclined however. Might be fun if you have absolutely nothing else to do. I think some of those early Babbles may have been entertaining from time to time. But I digress......

My poor patient husband has been listening to me bitch, moan, repeatedly switch the station, sigh, moan again before turning the damn radio off altogether because I am so very disgusted. Why the man has been willing to ride in a car with me is a mystery.

I guess he finally got good and fed up with my behavior because for my birthday a couple of weeks ago he got me a Satellite Radio!!!!!

I had looked in to that before, several years ago but was unimpressed with the station selection and twitchy about paying for radio.

Things have improved greatly since I last looked into it, and I am GLAAAADDDLYY paying for the service. To me it is worth every penny to hear my beloved music. The artists I love. The era's I love....

Oh my God I love it. I want to drive around in my car all the time, but luckily I don't have to because I got a groovy fancy boombox that plays my little radio any where I want!

Car rides are so much more pleasant with my new toy. Of course we always have to drive my car now, but I don't think my BH cares because his wife is a bitchin' no more!

Y'see I tend to be a bit of uh well....snob I guess when it comes to the tunes. I have always kind of been that way, and just can not bear to sit and listen to music I don't like. High school dances were painful for me primarily for that reason, and likely why I went to very few of them, among other reasons I recall one where several of my friends and I staged a sit in because the DJ was playing crap. Guns n Roses, awful 80's hair bands, and other assorted horrors. I am sure we thought we were edgy and cool, but more likely we just came off as assholes. Ahh hindsight.

For our wedding dance BH and I laboriously made numerous cassette tapes, because I (with his full agreement by the way) flatly refused to have a DJ come and "play nothing but top 40 crap, or GOD FORBID.... County music on our special day. Did you know that DJ's let people come up and make requests??? Oh God the horror!! THE HORROR!!" (Hmmmm....I don't think there is a much better example of my control issues.)

So now I have hundreds of channels that cater to just about any musical whim I have.

And I LOVE it. Love it again, and then I love it some more.

Worth every penny of that $14 a month to me. Every.Last.One.


Dan G said...

You can admit it: you're totally listening to Howard Stern, and you're totally starting to like it.

Missy said...

I would tell you that I actually don't get his channel because I opted for the family package that takes out all the stations that regularly have "adult" content, because I have young kids, and it was cheaper, however I think that I will just let you continue to believe that I am closet Howard Stern fan. It's more fun.