Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Check Under the Hood

After putting it off for a ridiculously long time, I finally got around to switching over to a new doctor and getting a physical.

If you knew the amount of anxiety this provoked for me, you would likely be dragging me to the local psychiatrist for medication. The good news is that now I have done it, I won't be so wiggly and resistant about keeping up. It won't keep me from getting edgy every time I have to go, but it won't be to the ridiculous levels it was for this one.

What I learned was that I apparently have a "Cholesterol Problem." Now REALLY this was not terribly surprising for a few reasons:

1. Family History
2. A diet that has largely been based on crap for a while
3. Lack of regular exercise for quite a while now
4. Being above my desired weight for height

So I was in no way shocked by what I was told. My doctor seemed a bit surprised by the results, but less so after I confessed my sins. He did have me do ANOTHER BLOOD DRAW (oh how I HATE HATE HATE the blood draw) to rule out a "sluggish thyroid" which apparently can lead to high cholesterol. No word yet on those results. I am throwing my vote at 1-4 above being the culprit, but you never know I guess.

I wasted no time in taking necessary steps towards correcting this problem. Of course as I think is somewhat expected in this type of situation, I am questioning every bite I put in to my mouth far more than is needed I am sure. I am doing my research on cholesterol lowering foods, amping up the fruits and veggies, and have hit the treadmill every evening since I got the results.

I am concerned of course about this issue, but in a way I am glad about it. This is exactly the kick in the pants I required to do what I have known I needed to do for sometime now. I am trying hard to have a positive attitude about the changes I am trying to make, and think fewer thoughts about being deprived of things I like. I think for a while I am going to be as vigilant as I can, until I have truly changed my habits. I am far to prone to the "Oh well I have already eaten this so I may as well go all out." So vigilance will be required. No doubt about it.

I thought it was a happy coincidence that in our quest to eliminate unhealthy things in our lives, this month fast food was the choice to give up. I have not missed the food itself really, but I miss the convenience to be sure. Our rule is no place with a drive thru. (Because we had to find a way to justify our Chipotle addiction) IF for some reason we must use a place with a drive thru salad has to be the order. Fast food salads are N-A-S-T-Y for the most part, so that is motivation for me to just say no.

The good news I received was that a concerning lump on my collarbone is nothing more than a fibroma. Of course when he called it a fibroma I was on the fast train to wigging out, but he quickly explained that it was nothing to be concerned about. Unless it grows of course. I will strive not to obsessively measure it's size. I think that will be pretty easy.

So my journey to better health and lower cholesterol begins.

Good luck and Godspeed to me.


Dan G said...

No one knows anything about cholesterol. It's infuriating. One so-called expert says, "Eat oatmeal!" Another so-called expert says, "Oatmeal is a carbohydrate that turns to sugar in your body, which causes your liver to produce more cholesterol!" And so on.

For now, I've cut out as much sugar as possible. No sweets, only an occasional piece of fruit. I actually don't crave sugar so much anymore. And I've taken off a few pounds.

And we'll find out at my next doc appointment if it works. If it hasn't, I'll go on an all-chocolate diet and stop eating eggs for a while.

It's all crap. And I feel old.

Missy said...

It is crap. A big stinking pile of crap.

I am pretty much in the making myself crazy about it phase of things, but having just found out this stellar piece of info, I guess that is to be expected.

For now, I am doing oatmeal, cheerios, walnuts, lots of fruit and veggies, because I also need to drop some poundage too. Still waiting to hear the results of the thyroid tests, but I suspect that is not a factor here.

I will be interested to hear what happens at your next dr. appointment. I am not cutting out sugar, but as a general part of my weight loss efforts I am naturally cutting down my consumption.

Did I mention that this shit sucks?