Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Maybe on the Likelihood Scale

I believe I have discussed before #1's disdain for all things girly. Doesn't want her hair messed with, lives in t-shirts and slicky pants, no Barbies, dolls, princesses, or anything of that nature. No nail painting (actually when she was a preschooler she liked this quite a bit, but since hitting grade school NO WAY!)

So you can imagine my surprise when a week or so ago, I found out that #1 had willingly agreed to play with MAKEUP and PERFUME while at my mother's house. We were all meeting at a restaurant to celebrate #2's birthday. The girls were with my mom after school and had been playing outside. My mom came in to get herself ready and suggested the girls do a little clean up too, because as she put it, "That is what we ladies do."

Now that phrase right there SHOULD have incited immediate rebellion in #1. But it didn't, she was all up for using the body spray, and let my mom put eyeshadow and lip gloss on her. (Now I had to have a bit of discussion with mother about the makeup part. Play at home fine. Out in public not fine.) Of course we could not hold back our shock. BH asked if boyfriends were next. #2 replies in a very haughty way, "That would be a maybe on the likelihood scale Dad."

There was no way we could contain the laughter at that one.

To top it off, #1 asked if we could go to Bath and Body Works to get some of the body wash and body spray that Grammy had. After I picked myself up off the floor I answered yes of course!

Things they are a changin'.

While we are sort of on the funny things kids say topic, #2 comes up with this lovely question a couple of days ago out of nowhere:

"Mommy what happens to ghosts when they die?"

In one of my finer mommy moments my answer was to simply laugh.

I laugh because I have no idea what to answer. So I use my best therapy tactic.

"What do you think happens to ghosts when they die."

Thankfully she did not seem to concerned.

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Not your mommy said...

Dang I'm getting old. I can't remember your e-mail address and I can't remember something else that you and hubby may remember from our years at TWHS. What were the names of the Goheen and Calaway used to sit in the audience and pretend to be a little old couple who couldn't follow the play - What were their names? I want to usse it in the play I am directing right now. Oh yeah, that play happens to be Kent O'Connor's play The Musical of Tobit. Please forward on to all our buds that I would love to have them come see the show here in K.C. It goes up May 1st and 2nd. Lots of Love to you and your fam.
Jenn Deiter