Friday, April 10, 2009

I feel a summons coming on...

In the mail today I received a very official looking document from US District Court.

They wanted a little information from me.

About my qualifications to be a juror it seems.

Now there is a tiny part of me that thinks it would be kinda cool.

However the anxious fretting part of me is a much larger beast who can not fathom how I could possibly do that.

BH was called up a year or so ago, and he was supposed to be available to be called at any time for something like 2-3 months. MONTHS. As in more than one. As in much more than the week you have to be available for county court around here.

Yikes. Given my line of work that would be very hard and pretty darn detrimental to the wee ones who depend on me for their bi-weekly dose of play therapy.

Of course you KNOW I went to the crazy place of my being selected for a long ass trial that went on forever and required sequestering. Oh God. I am going to put myself in to a real state if I keep on that train of thought.

BH got out of his because it would be problematic for him to miss that much teaching time, so I assume the same could happen for me. Long term interruptions to the therapeutic process are generally contraindicated particularly for children under the age of 6. (How does THAT sound?) I may have to actually tag this post so that I can come back to that phrase if I need it!

It won't stop me from fretting about it that is for sure. 'Cause you know how I love me something to fret about. (Not really, but I seem to be unable to stop myself.)


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Shari said...

When I went to jury duty, I brought along copies of the girls' birth certificates. I told the prosecutors that if I came, they came with me as I did not have alternate child care. I was excused, as you can imagine. I think it helped that the prosecutor had young twins as well!