Monday, June 15, 2009

Upcoming Travels

Ohhhh the Babble Home is abuzz with travel plans.

BH and I are headed to New York in just a few short weeks. Our first vacation sans children. The children will be living it up with Grammy and Poppie for the first part of the week in Omaha to see the zoo. Then they are transferred to Grandma and Grandpa for the remainder of the week so they can motor out to Branson. They will come back spoiled and need retraining to be sure.

So far BH and I have secured tickets to see Billy Elliot, and have plans to try and see a Mets game and have some quality time with our dear friend Dan. We also have plans to visit my very dear friend Ali, so that I can love on her sweet adorable boy as part of my coping plan for missing my own children. I also hope that maybe she and I can sneak away to do something fun for at least a short while with no children or boys. Maybe we'll have to see what she and the menfolk say I suppose.

Other than that we have talked about stuff we would like to do, but have not nailed down much more than the abovementioned plans.

It is kind of funny. Ordinarily I am super scheduled and organized and have a neurotic need to plan most of each day. However when I am on vacation, I can totally roll with it and am fine nay prefer to go without a set plan.


BH goes in to uber planning mode when we are on vacation. He wants everything nailed down and scheduled. He wants to make sure we "get everything in." Nothing wrong with that. As long as I don't have to get up early or keep an eye on my watch.

This could be why he does not get quite as much pleasure from a beach oriented vacation as I do.

Here is my "schedule" we our vacation destination involves a trip to the beach

1. Get there
2. Lay out my towel
3. Lay ON my towel
4. Nap
5. Get in the water
6. Nap
7. Get in the water
8. Reapply sunscreen
9. Repeat above until dusk. Optional sand castle building can be thrown in if you so desire. Reading a trashy novel is also a good ingredient to throw in as well.

That schedule works for BH for all of about an hour I think.

However he can hike in the mountains for days. I am good for only a few hours.

It takes all kinds I suppose.

So I am very excited about our trip.

Once we get back.... we start to save for our next vacation..........

DISNEY WORLD Spring Break 2010.

Yee Haw.


Colleen said...

We're saving for Disney World next year too--it was supposed to be this year, but that didn't happen.

In our family I am the vacation planner--kind of by default. Everyone expects me to plan it, so they can complain about the plans I made the whole time!

I am going on my first-ever solo vacation in July, to see my friend Allison in Utah. She is flying me out there for a few days--hubby will be working, kids will be staying with both sets of grandparents in Topeka. I haven't flown since I was a baby so am scared to death of that part of it--and have NEVER left my babies for so long. Doesn't help that my oldest is keeping a countdown sheet on her door titled "Days until Mama leaves for Utah. WITHOUT ME."

I hope you have a terrific time in NYC!

Dan G said...

Disney World is pretty awesome and all, but keep in mind that the Harry Potter amusement park opens in Orlando in 2010, too. If it doesn't redefine "awesome" Voldemort might as well have won.

New York... Yeah, I've got a few ideas for you...