Monday, June 29, 2009

Ca-rrrazzy Eights

My friend Lindsey tagged me a while back with this lil' meme. Seeing as how I have been slow to respond to the tag AND since this seemed infinitely more fun than continuing my preparations for the NCMHCE here we go...

8 Things I am looking forward to...
1-having my big test out of the way
2-passing my test
3-adding the credentials LCPC to my name (anyone sense a theme here?)
4-BH and my trip to NYC
5-Spending time with my good friends who live in NY
6-losing these last 6 or 13 pounds
7-picking tomatoes out of my garden
8-family vacation to Florida over spring break or summer. Whenever is fine with me!

8 Things I did yesterday...
2-laid around reading in bed
3-studied for my test
4-worried about failing my test
5-played freeze tag at the pool with my hubby and kids
6-ate pizza and sort of watched a movie with my hubby and kids
7-checked Facebook more often than I should.
8-stayed up too late reading "American Wife" by Curtis Sittenfeld

8 things I wish I could do...

1-work part time
2-be more patient
3-enjoy exercise more
4-rock a bikini again
5-visit the beach every year
6-pay more attention to political issues
7-refinish the basement
8-hang out more often with my chick friends

8 shows I watch...

1-The Office
2-30 Rock
3-Grey's Anatomy
4-Ugly Betty
5-Mad Men
6-My Name is Earl
7-The Soup
8-Just about anything they show on HGTV

OK. That's my crazy eights. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to do this on your blog.


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