Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Computer Genius

I like to think that I am somewhat computer savvy.

Then I do something like get a new computer, and the Reality Tour Bus comes slamming in to me at full speed.

I FINALLY got my Mac.

It was a bit of a chore as it turns out.

You might recall from my last post that I found a floor model Mac for a bit of a discount.

Alright...full disclosure...I got it at Best Buy. I know there are many out there who pooh-pooh Best Buy, but I have always had good luck there, and the nearest Apple Store is over an hour away. Yes, I realize I could have ordered online, but have I mentioned my issues with patience once I have made a decision about a big purchase? If I haven't or if you missed that part, the story goes like this:

I have no patience once I have made a decision about a big purchase.

So as you can see, ordering and waiting for shipping were out of the question.

So I made the purchase at Best Buy on Saturday evening. They had to give the computer to the Geek Squad so they could get all the floor model demo stuff taken off the computer. No big deal right? It would be ready for me Sunday. I was a bit disappointed, but..I figured getting it Sunday would still allow me time to get things migrated and play around before work Monday.

Sunday comes and I wait and wait for a call. Finally get one about 4:30, only to be told that they had to have someone bring in the disc they needed to get the demo stuff off. The disc would be there the next day, and they would call me when it is ready.

Monday comes. I wait all day for a phone call. Finally it hits 5:00 and I have heard NADA. So I call. I'm told they were still working on it, they would call when it was done. I have a busy evening and no time to go down there in person and "encourage" them.

TUESDAY comes. Wait all day. No call. Go down in person. After waiting several minutes I am told, "They are having trouble getting the demo stuff off the computer, they will call you when they are done." At this point I have decided that I am done. I inform them that I am no longer interested in the floor model, and they can just go get me one that comes in a box that no one has used before and requires no geeks to remove any demo software. I left feeling very grouchy.

So I finally get it home. I know that getting everything moved was going to be a chore. However, I did not expect it to be a chore that has lasted more than a week. I think I am done now. I hope. All the easy ways I researched did not work at all. AT. ALL. Finally BH helped out and got things done in a few minutes that I had been trying to do for DAYS. I am not kidding. D-A-Y-S.

Typically I would have been grumpy about his easy success after all my failure, but I am just so glad to have the shit done!

Because lugging two computers to work got old after the very first time.


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