Monday, November 28, 2011


Last week we traveled to Ohio to visit BH's grandparents.

Since BH's grandmother has not been well we have been making it a point to go out there at least once if not twice a year for a visit.

Every time we have been there the past few years I have wanted to walk around the downtown area, which appeared to house some interesting stores.

FINALLY this year we took that walk downtown. I was right, there were a lot of great little stores.

One in particular that we visited twice was a good old school record store called Endangered Species.

Music stores are really a thing of the past around here anymore. The best we do is Vintage Stock. But it is huge and corporate and all that crap, and music is only a small part of their offerings.

As soon as I walked in I was greeted with the smell of incense, and loud classic rock music. Yes I believe it was. Vintage posters on the wall and racks of albums.


Back when we lived in Okland, CA we used to frequent a store called Amoeba. It was HUGE, and had everything you could imagine and had the coolest atmosphere ever.
This place was no Amoeba by a long shot, but man did I feel happy in there.

I used to buy vinyl all the time, but eventually gave it up because it was hard to find and not convenient to play.

About a year or so ago, BH and I made the decision to sell our CDs. We had uploaded everything and never used them any longer. It was a bit sad to do.

I love the convenience of digital music, and it really appeals to my preference to hear a mix of all my favorite artists as opposed to listening to one artists entire album all at once.

But while perusing through the record store I was reminded of how much I love cracking open that new album, looking at the cover art, and reading through the liner notes. (Yes I am that geeky.)

I was keeping myself content to look and purchase a couple of Beatles memorabilia items for #1, as her birthday is around the corner.

That was the first time we went in.

The second time, BH who knows me so well, came up and placed an album in my hands and hinted that I should treat myself.

I hemmed and hawed a bit, but soon the siren's call of new vinyl was too loud to ignore.

So I am now the owner of the latest offering by the Decemberists on vinyl.

#2 also requested to buy an album too.

Now both are converts to the joys of vinyl.

Good to know I am raising my kids right!

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