Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Random Thoughts

Have I ever shared that BH and I lived in California for two years? Oakland, California to be exact.

We did, so that I could go to graduate school. It was an interesting experience. I got a graduate degree, we did some really cool things, had lots of visitors, and decided that while we enjoyed many things about California, ultimately it was not the place we wanted to raise our family, and so one internship away from finishing my degree, and hugely pregnant with #1 we moved back to Kansas. (Luckily the internship could be done anywhere, and I decided to do one in the state where I planned to work. The baby only delayed my graduation by about 6 months. Not too shabby!)

One thing I did not experience while in California was an earthquake. BH did experience a small one that hit San Francisco as that is where he worked. This was kind of a disappointment to me. After all, I was the one who had worked in schools/daycares there and gone through the earthquake drills! I was prepared!

We have been back in Kansas for 14 years now, and I got to experience my first earthquake this past Saturday, and then another one last night. These quakes a felt were just minor shaking, because apparently the real deal has been going on down in Oklahoma.

Now I just need to experience a hurricane I guess, oh and a tsunami... a typhoon? Have I left out any other natural disasters? I think I can feel I lived a full life without experiencing any of the above mentioned disasters.

I am getting old.

I will be 40 in a few months and my joints are not happy. Arthritis runs rampant among women in my family and it seems to begin around 40 for many of them.

So I have started taking a dietary supplement for joint health. I am exercising regularly again, and am looking in to doing yoga or something similar for flexibility. I would like to look in to weekly massage too, but I fear that might be pushing it. I hope these things help. I am not ready to seek help from the doctor yet. Mainly because I need to drop about 9 more pounds before I go back. I hate to disappoint people, and I have creeped back above the weight recommended by my doctor. Hopefully I will lose the 9 lbs soon. My pants don't fit so great right now and I vow that I will not by bigger clothes. I can't afford to replace a wardrobe again. I am so pissed off to be in this position, but I have to say that wearing uncomfortable pants has been a great motivator.

So I hope all this crap works.

As always I will keep you posted.


Ali said...

Wait, there was an earthquake? In Kansas? How did my folks not tell me about this?!

Missy said...

Technically I guess the earthquake was in Oklahoma. We were just able to feel the tremors here. I found it pretty impressive that we had noticeable shaking from a quake that was a few hundred miles away, and not even a huge quake at that. It was weird to be sure.