Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hmmmm...that helps explain a few things

Well the Angelina half of the couple is apparently ready to speak out about a few personal things.

Sort of.

Apparently Ms. Jolie does not talk about her relationships to ANYONE. Not even the person she is with.

Perhaps maybe..JUST MAYBE that is why she has had so many unsuccessful relatioships. Just a hunch.

Now there are a lot of things I don't know much about...but one thing I do know a little something about is relationships.

However it does not take any specialized degree in anything to know that for a relationship to flourish and be healthy ya gotta jaw about it sometimes.

I could get all psychological and discuss my theories on why it is not discussed in the Brangelina world but it would be pointless and boring. (Although I am sure that more than a couple of you out there consider the entire subject of this couple pointless and boring. That's OK. I am not offended in the least. I get some sick entertainment out of this crap for reasons I don't begin to understand, but I digress....)

Learning this interesting fact today has confirmed my belief that this relationship is doomed. It is not the adults I feel for of course, but the children who won't have much chance to learn about how to have healthy relationships on top of all the other crap that makes up the life of a child with famous parents.

Rich, poor, famous, or unknown...I just hate to see kids grow up without those basic life skills.

So sad and unnecessary.

I will step down off my soapbox now.

I gotta Scrubs I downloaded from i-tunes to watch!


jLow said...

yeah - I just put my soapbox away myself. Not that I have a perfect track record (1 divorce behind me) but my husband and I work hard to have a good relationship with each other as husband and wife and as parenting partners. We have a united front for the kiddo and he never sees us express aggravation at each other. If I can give my son anything, I can give him the tremendous gift of knowing how to have healthy interpersonal relationships with his family and friends and future spouse.

I agree with your assessment of Brangelina - and it is a sick entertainment that partake of myself.

Ali said...

A: Bring on the gossip mongering!
B: I'm going to give Angie (she likes it when I call her that) the benefit of the doubt and assume she was trying to come off all "Aw shucks" about her relationship. Meaning, "Brad and I don't discuss our overwhelming fame and outstanding good looks. We just live a normal life just like normal folks. Because we're really, really normal." Which is a big load of crap since we all know that once you're a celebrity you no longer have friends, you no longer have relationships, you no longer have anything that is untainted by the fact that you're a really, really big celebrity. No matter how humble and kind you are, that's still your face plastered on the cover of US Weekly and everyone around you knows it. Unfortunately I think their kids will be a mess regardless of whether or not they're together forever. Although we have to hope that it's a better life than the one they might've ended up with in the orphanages.

dan g said...

Ali, why in the hell would you ever give Angie the benefit of the doubt?