Monday, April 17, 2006

I wonder if this will help?

So I am thinking about photocopying pictures of this dress and taping them up all over the house to motivate me to exercise and eat properly so that I could wear that dress or one similar to it to my brother's wedding in June.

I was thinking of adding some tasteful jewelry and some kicky strappy sandals (sans pantyhose of course!)

Does doing shit like that really work? Anyone?

I gotta go exercise. June 24 will be here really fast and I gots LOTS of work to do to pull off a dress like that.



dan g said...

Dresses don't really motivate me, but I'm very straight that way.

The Girl in Black said...

Good lord, you are a strong woman. I am not so brave to go shopping on Victoria's Secret's site. Much less to buy anything I'd wear out in public! At least not stuff that everyone will see!

Missy said...

Yeah, well 'tis not very likely that I will be going out in public wearing outside view clothing from their either. The amount of weight loss and toning it would take for me to feel comfortable in that dress is beyond what I can achieve between now and June 24, unless I starve myself. Which I won't do. I don't like to be hungry.

Ted Carter said...

Dresses motivate me, but only when someone else is wearing them.

And Dan, after your rants about Russ, you REALLY expect us to believe your proclamations of straightness? Dream on, man lover!