Monday, April 24, 2006

SOME people should keep their comments to themselves

At dinner this evening we were having a discussion about recess at school. #2 (who will enter Kindergarten this fall) asked her older sister if the entire school has recess at the same time.

I shared with MY CHILDREN that when I was in grade school the entire school had recess at the same time and our playground was divided in two on one side was K-2, and on the my so called husband interrupts and says, "dinosaurs?"

Certain male members of this household can look forward to a comfy night's sleep upstairs on the futon tonight.

Never joke about a lady's age.

Especially if there is a CHANCE that lady might have been born a FEW months prior to your own birth.


dan g said...

But was he right?

Ted Carter said...

Heh. Dan's funny.

Ali said...

Yeah, Matt LOVES to remind me that he's a full year younger than me for part of the year. Whatever. FINE WINE, baby! Like FINE WINE.