Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Could I BE more lazy?


My posting ratio could not be much worse unless I just shut the blog down altogether I think.

Many reasons why this is so I suppose, however none of them are terribly good or interesting so I won't trouble you with them (much).

In a nutshell I am having some angst about my life being a bit on the dull and repetitive side right now. Whining is excruciating to read frequently so I choose to keep my blog quiet for fear that I will not be able to resist the siren's call to purge myself in this so-called forum and incite a universal (can I call it universal if I only have 3 or 4 readers?) ban of this whine-fest.

There you have it.

Good news!

Tonight after putting it off for ohhhhh...nearly 6 months I have completed my training plan so that I can begin my travels down the road to becoming a licensed clinical professional counselor.

In two years after completing 4000 hours of supervised clinical experience I get to take yet another licensing exam and then add an extra C to my licensing credentials.

What does that mean?

Well in theory it should mean that I could practice privately if I so choose. However since many insurance companies apparently have not bothered to look into the difference in credentialing for my sect as opposed to ohhh... say the licensed clinical social worker (there is really little to no difference in the process of attaining clinical licensure between the two, I have NOTHING against those who hold that license and have many friends who are LSCSWs I just get pissy when there is a failure to recognize the skill level of those who share my type of license) many will not accept LCPCs as providers so that cuts in to the private practice thing. That and the fact that it is more personal responsiblity than I care to have for my career at this time. A regular paycheck with paid time off and cashola to help me keep that license is pretty important to me.

Soap box will mean more autonomy and possibly more money (although I won't hold my breath) in the future. This has been a goal for a long time, I have been an LPC for almost 4 years now and I will be glad to at long last have this hurdle jumped. Here's hoping for smooth sailing. I also think this process will help me stay put jobwise, because to change it is a large throbbing pain in the boo-TAY.

Well.. I think that is all for now. It is getting late and I need my beauty rest.

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Ali said...

I read one of your sentences as "I have completed my tanning plan" and got all kinds of confused. ("Missy has a tanning plan? I WANT A TANNING PLAN!") It made more sense the second time I read it.

Bitch away, girl. I loves a good wallow. As long as you flavor the whining with a good dose of self-deprication it won't get old.