Sunday, July 30, 2006

I can't....I MUST go to the pool!

Well it's gonna be another hot one in T-town today, already about 95 or somethin' and it ain't even noon yet.

AHHHH! (Sorry for the interruption, but I was just hit with a surprise goatee from my beloved husband. Sexy ! It come to us as the result of a beard trimming mishap.)

Anyway back to my posting. I don't mind the heat much. Except for getting into the car and having to drive. I hate that hot steering wheel and gear shift.

I especially don't mind the heat when I have free access to a semi-private pool. Which I do. HA HA!

So friends we are off to spend the hot afternoon in the good ol' H2O!

Yeeee Haaaaww!


Ali said...

How'd you get your mitts on a semi-private pool? (I'd grouse on but we have a pool on the second floor that I've used exactly never in the five years I've lived here.)Still, enjoy!

Missy said...

The duplexes where my parents live have a pool, and we are frequent invitourselvesees