Thursday, July 13, 2006

Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! Guess What!

I was checking out the Zach Braff blog/website this evening and discovered that I can pre-order the soundtrack to his upcoming movie on Amazon.

Of course I took care of this task IMMEDIATELY. I may be more excited about the soundtrack than the movie itself. I love me some Zach as you all know, so that is saying something.

I know I have said it before but I will say it again because it is important to listen to good music. (Good of course means music endorsed by me.) If you have not done so you need to waste no more time in checking out the following:

Scrubs Soundtrack
Garden State
Scrubs Soundtrack vol 2. (I can't seem to give a link for this one, it is only available on itunes)

I am pretty sure that you should check out the soon to be released Last Kiss soundtrack, but as I have not officially heard it and loved it I will not insist just yet but rather make a strong recommendation that you look in to the matter once the soundtrack is released in a couple of weeks.

You won't be sorry. I promise. If you are sorry then I suggest you have some kind of complete medical work up done as soon as possible because something is not right in your world.

I am pushy about those things I believe in.

Listen to me. Then get over it.

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Ali said...

The movie looks a little doofy though. I saw a trailer for it at "Prada" (meh, by the way. The book is waaay more brutal) and it only looked okay. There's something about seeing Jacinda Barrett have a legit career that slays me. I keep wanting to scream "YOU WERE A MODEL ON REAL WORLD: LONDON!" Combine that with the ever-so-annoying Rachel Bilson and it doesn't seem promising.