Friday, October 20, 2006

I miss good radio

I am really pining for my favorite radio station that went off the air more than a year ago. YOu can listen to the station on line, but that doesn't help me in the car which is when I most crave good music.

It seems like forever since I was exposed to any really good new music.

The radio stations in T-town just make me want to scream, cry, and tear at my clothing every time I try to listen. The capacity of these local radio stations to be repetitive and incredibly, unbelievabley boring is truly astounding.

I have looked at satellite radio, but I just can't bring myself to pay for it when there are only one or two stations I would be interested in listening to.

I suppose I could make myself some CD's to listen to in the car, but I don't really have the time it will take to accomplish that task.

Recently I have been listening to a book on CD. (My Life by Bill Clinton. Interesting listen. LOOOONNNGG. 21 discs, and apparently this is just part 1. I am on disc 15 right now. It is currently way overdue to the library. But I gotta finish it after going this far.) It has been enjoyable, but sometimes I just need some good tunes while I drive.

Hmmm...this has turned in to a pretty whiny post.

Some things you just don't get over I suppose. One of those things for me apparently is the loss of a really good radio station that I LOVED.

Help me.

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Ali said...

Do you have an iPod? You can download some great radio on those things. And I suspect Mr. Gates offers some sort of attachment-for-the-car accessory. He's cool like that.