Monday, October 09, 2006

No surgery (Thanks for the chants Val!)

Well after two and a half hours at the orthopedic office we have...

a new splint
orders not to return to school until Friday. F-R-I-D-A-Y.
another appointment for Friday morning at which time we will apparently do the same thing that we did today.

So there you have it.

Good news..the bones are in the proper place to heal correctly so no setting was required. Getting the new splint was painful though. So if we are indeed doing the same thing Friday that we did today...I am not so much looking forward to it.

I personally am hoping for a cast Friday. I am really just not comfortable sending her back to school in a splint. Just walking to her classroom today to get school work I felt like I needed to be her bodyguard to keep her from being ran into or knocked over. Granted I am a bit hyper-sensitive to potential dangers for her right now.

Oh 6:00 chocolate milk spilled on the newly wrapped splint.

Good times....

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jLow said...

As a mom, I can only imagine how heartwrenching it has been for you while she has her arm attended to. I'll endure any pain so that my little one doesn't have to but that's not how it works.

Kudos to you for keeping it together! (Trust me, the school lady understood your abruptness - she knew it wasn't personal.) And I agree that somebody had their brain in gear when they got Big Sis to come be with #2.