Thursday, October 26, 2006

Step right up and make yer guess!

JUST opened some bills that came in the mail today.

What do YOU think the price tag is for two ER visits (each with x-rays), and a visit to the orthopedic doctor (included x-rays and splint)?

Any guesses.... anyone?

I'd tell you now but I have to change my underwear.


Ali said...

Is that with or without insurance?

Missy said...

These bills are the cost before insurance kicks in. They just send the total bill and say that they have billed your insurance as some kind of cruel torture mechanism I think. Thank God we do have insurance or I would be in the hospital recovery from acute anxiety or a heart attack. Which of course would make things worse with more bills..

jLow said...

I'm guessing somewhere in the snooty neighborhood of $4 to $6 grand.

And I'm guessing this because I got a tetanus shot last month that cost $98. In the door, got the shot, out the door. $98.

Valerie said...

I'm with jlow.

Did you start thinking you should have bought some plaster of paris and done the cast yourself?