Sunday, September 09, 2007

Full Disclosure (I know Ali will understand)

Now the two of you who have been reading this blog since it's birth nearly three years ago know that BH and I don't watch a lot of stuff on TV. We typically wait until a show has been released on DVD and then gorge ourselves watching an entire season in two days.

As you know we upgraded our cable a few months ago. We may be watching slightly more now than we were before, but usually that time is just replacing time that we previously spent wasting away browsing the internet. Now that school has begun again TV time is about back to it's usual quantaties for us.

For the past few years there have only been about two shows that we made a point to watch every week during the regular TV season, those being Scrubs and The Office. I suspect that will continue with this TV season however House will be added on to the must watch weekly list now that we are caught up. If this weren't the last season for Scrubs and I did not have such a passionate love of Zach Braff....after last season Scrubs may have moved down to the wait until DVD list. That last season was almost painful. I am hoping for full recovery for this year.

But I digress from the point of this post which is all about full disclosure, and that means I have to fess up about one more show that has some how made it to the watch every week list.

Ohhh friends this is painful. it goes.

Each week on Sunday at 10:00 PM CST.. BH and I clear the calendar so that we are available to watch...OH God I can't believe I am going to admit it...........Rock.Of.Love.

Yes dear friends we don't miss the weekly installment about Bret Michaels search for a true love that can handle the power of his immense Rock 'n Roll fame.....the one woman who can in his own words...."Rock his world."

What is it that draws us back week after week? Is it to see what scheme crazy Lacey has come up with this week to insure world roking dominance? To root for our favorite girl Jes? The spectacular array of patent leather animal print dusters that come out only on elimination night? The desire to see if Bret EVER is without a bandana?

I can not answer to which one reason it is that keeps us coming back. Perhaps it is all of them.

We have been faithful for several weeks now, but only recently are we able to come out and admit that we make time for this show.

The truth will set you free my friends.

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Ali said...


If you go back to the second or third episode, the one where they have a slumber party or something, you get a glimpse of the man sans bandanna (and sporting some spectacularly hideous silk pajamas).

Trust me, you'll understand why he never leaves home without it.

If you want some great recapping of the show, go to The commentator is almost as funny as Bret himself. (FYI: Jes is my fave too, although I haven't quite figured out what she's doing on the show. She's pretty smokin'. Not unlike Wild Thing's hair in the interrogation episode...)