Monday, September 03, 2007

Why can't I come up with spins like that?

Yesterday B.H. and I were in the mood to be out in the great outdoors and do a little easy hiking. B.H. wanted to go out to the nature trails that are located near the Governor's Mansion here in town.

For some reason our lovely children think that this is an horrible, terrible, no good place/way to spend time. Our few forays there have been filled with whining, complaining, and general unpleasantness for all.

However, yesterday B.H. was at the top of his game. He called the children downstairs and instructed them to put on walking shoes, gather up butterfly nets and mason jars because we were headed out on a butterfly hunt. Now my girls would never suggest that catching butterflies and putting them in jars to examine was a poor way to spend some time, so they complied right away pausing only to ask where we were going to hunt to which of course B.H. answered the location was a surprise. What is better than a surprise location?

To shorten the length of this story, a rousing good time was had by all, whining was restricted to the very end of the walk to the car and was easily redirected. No children even thought to ask where we were until the end of the outing, and now of course the Governor's Mansion Nature Trails are the coolest thing ever.

B.H. is officially THE spinmaster.

Politicians should hire his services.

Meanwhile here are some photos:

Crikey! It's a yellow Zippity Do-Dah!

#2's catch of the day

Sign up for B.H.'s course on how to present the "truth" to your children in creative ways will begin soon. I will keep you posted.


Ali said...

Must remember this technique for future reference...

Valerie said...

Brilliant indeed! How much is that course again?

Woman with a Hatchet said...

OK, I need to remember this.


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