Thursday, April 24, 2008

Crazy Cat who's name is not Harry Potter

I need a bionic man/woman camera (better, stronger, faster).

After I get the bionic camera I need to keep it with me posed to shoot all the time, so that I can catch the crazy antics of this kitten we have.

This afternoon she jumped on a table that has a plant on it she likes to try and eat, knock over, have catnip with or something. While on the table she discovered the window, where she could see tree branches blowing in the wind. This cat must attack all moving or perceived to be moving, or maybe has a microscopic chance of moving objects.

She was trying so hard to get those damn trees that she tried to jump on the window sash to get closer. Seeing as there is only about an inch or two for her to stand on she was hanging from the top of the sash by her two front paws.

It was high comedy let me tell you.

If I was cool and talented like The Bloggess, I would take a picture of the window and then do funny drawings to give an actual illustration. But I am not that cool or talented so your imaginations will have to suffice.

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Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I'm not cool and talented. I'm warped and cursed.

But my secret to adding drawings and stuff to pictures? Totally rocks.