Sunday, April 20, 2008

Feverish Accusations

Gentle Readers,

I thought it would be prudent of me to check in with you as I have failed miserably in the area of blog posting for the past couple of weeks.

The past two weeks have been long and fraught with fatigue, illness, frustration, impatience, ruminating, and various other unpleasant activities.

I promised that I would not spend too much time complaining and I will do my very best to honor that promise.

BH has been sick for almost two weeks now. I am talking the running a fever for about 10 days, staying home in bed, wife calling during the day to make sure he is still alive kind of sick. He made it to work two days this week, and two days the previous week. He seems to be on the mend now, but as you can probably imagine he gets tired out pretty quickly. A few nights ago he woke up itching terribly, no rash just itching. Apparently he and Mucinex do not get along. In his sleepy and somewhat feverish state he dreamed that I had put itching powder on his side of the bed, and according to him, he very nearly woke me up to let me know what he thought of my actions. I am not sure what this dream could be saying, and truthfully I am not sure that I want to. Probably subconscious anger at me for not being home all last weekend at the height of his illness to take care of him in my usual manner. Or maybe he is just a little weird. Yeah...I think I will vote for weird.

We got moved in to the new building at work. Since I don't believe that it is a good idea to complain about work on the internet, I will leave it at that. My office is still not completely unpacked due to a lack of shelves and that is making me more than a little crazy. Hopefully by the end of this week that issue will be resolved. Between massive dissarray in my office at work, and the massive dissarray at my home I have been holding on to my sanity by a teeny tiny nearly invisible thread. I do not play well when everything feels disorganized and I do not have the time to remedy the situation. It is a pity there were no hidden video cameras in my office on Monday. I think it might have been amusing to watch me make about 50 laps around my office, picking things up and putting them back down, bumping in to furniture and boxes without actually doing anything. I am certain I looked like some kind of derranged video game character. It is what I felt like at any rate.

I apparently have not completely pissed off any higher powers, because my children have been VERY patient and well behaved the past couple of weeks despite the disrupted nature of our household, and by disrupted you know that I mean having to deal with a mother who had all the patience and impusle control of an hyperactive hypoglycemic off her ritalin and guzzling a chocolate bar. I should probably buy them a pony or something.

Ahh...I hear BH playing Rock Band now. Haven't heard that in over two weeks. Must mean he is truly on the mend. It also means that I will likely have to help him down the stairs when he is done and lead him to bed so he can take his second nap of the morning. He would have to choose the drums...maybe I can go convince him to switch to the guitar..less engergy expending required. He is so bored. Would it be inhospitable of me to suggest that if he is up to playing Rock Band drums, then maybe he could help out with a few cleaning chores.......

Speaking of chores I have been idle for over an hour now and should get back to work. I still have a very LARGE bakset that holds about three loads of last week's laundry and one load of this week's too. I should at least vacuum the floors before we have guests over for a meetng this afternoon.

Maybe I will be caught up on household duties by the end of next month.

Can someone explain the math here? How is it that two days of missed household chores takes 10 days to catch up on? Or maybe more for that matter. Anyone?

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Woman with a Hatchet said...

If 2 days take 10 to make up, I will be in the hole for YEAR and YEARS.

I'm sorry you've had a crazy couple of weeks!