Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stay Tuned

I will do a longer post later this week and I promise it will not be filled with massive whining about the crappy, poopy, stinky, mess that has been the last week. I don't anticipte the mess being cleaned up soon either.

In more exciting news....AMBRE is the Rock of Love!!! Bye Bye to massively annoying crybaby Daisy.

Yes friends THAT was the bright spot in this very long week.

Now I must try to go to sleep and stop ruminating about the days ahead.

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The Girl in Black said...

Holy smokes! I was happy he didn't opt for Snankville, either. Seriously, like he could even believe anything coming out of her collagen-enhanced mouth? Maybe she reminded him of Pamela Anderson. OH!

I did have to giggle at her expense, though. What was up with her nappy weave during her send off confessional? She was torn up from crying, but her hair looked even worse.

The reunion show looked like it was going to be interesting. Heather calls Daisy a hoo-er?