Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I can't seem to come up with a post that involves just one idea, so I have decided to post some random crap that is in my head.

Because this is more fun than cleaning my house.

1. Travel is really expensive. The airline we booked for our summer trip went belly up a few weeks ago. We have gone from flying to Ohio, renting a van for the Ohio-Tennessee portion, and flying back home, to us driving our car, BH's parents driving their car the entire 5,000,000 mile trip. Why? Because to go by the original plan on those other solvent money sucking airlines will cost us $10,000,00. There is no hyperbole here.

2. Have I mentioned that I don't enjoy long-ass drives in the car?

3. Because I hate them.

4. Really. But I am sucking it up to save millions of dollars.

5. One of my suggestions when it became apparent that renting a van to avoid taking two cars was going to be ridiculously expensive? By our own SUV. Because that wouldn't be all that expensive, and I get nutty like that.

6. The next day after my wild suggestion I spent $40 to fill up my Hyundai Elantra (small 4-door, fairly fuel efficient) and declared that I will NEVER own a SUV. (The next time we need to cart both kids and their friends around in our two cars I will change my mind and declare that we must go buy a larger vehicle as soon as we drop off the kids at their destination.) I tend to go back and forth on the issue.

7. Buying a cell phone outside of my "new every two" deal with Verizon is fucking expensive.

8. I am STILL upset about my stupid move that killed my phone.

9. I have a really hard time deciding on ringtones for my phone. Apparently this is a big deal to me. I need songs. I need the songs to be pertinent to me and mine. I need the songs not to be annoying me every time my phone rings. Do my ringtones annoy others? Does it matter? Do other people have this issue? Am I shallow and stupid for being so concerned? Most likely....yes. I guess we all need something to be shallow and stupid about.

10. My house really needs to be cleaned. I really want my cleaning people back. I miss them. More now than ever. We are way behind. It is dirty dirty and making me crazy crazy and avoidant AVOIDANT.

11. I am not so secretly sorry I started this have my entire huge family over for Sunday dinner once a month thing. It turns in to a lot of work for me and mine, and truthfully people...I got a streak of lazy that runs the length of the US.

12. Will my family notice if I don't clean my house before they come over Sunday?

13. The online version of my local newspaper now has a space for comments on each story. The people who comment seem to be well......dumb, and angry. It annoys me to read those comments, yet I continue to do so.....

14. I think this is enough for now.


filthEdesign said...

it's may not be at all cheaper on verizon (we use t-mobile) and i'm not sure what kind of phone you use/require, but we bought a cheap(er) "go phone" from our same provider and switched out the sim card after the phone accidentally ended up in the toilet!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Dumb and angry always have something to say in the editorials, don't they?

Missy said...

You are so smart. I wish I had thought of that. I may have been foiled by my contract obligations though. Although it might still be a possibility.......

Oh it is bad. People can comment on the stories just as easily as if they were commenting on a blog and it brings out the crazies lemme tell ya.