Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Sick o' Sickness

If you think YOU are tired of the illness theme that has gone on for the last few posts, imagine how sick WE are of living it.

My...that was a bit.....cranky...shall we say?

Well that is because I am cranky about it damn it!

Here is the *&%@#!$ update.

#2 has been sporting a fever since Christmas day. Her main interests for the past two days..crying, and lying around ON me. Ever lay around with a 35 pound electric blanket on top of you? THAT my friends is what it is like to have a feverish 4 year old on you all day. Thought today that she was getting over it, fever was low all day, she played, talked, and laughed. Apparently she was just saving up for when I got home from work at which time the fever shot up and the crying began again. Lucky me.

#1 Has been complaining all evening that her leg hurts. Just came in here crying hysterically AND took me up on my offer of Tylenol. (she NEVER takes my offers of medicine.)

I tell you I have been doling out Children's Tylenol the past two days like a bartender on fifty cent shot night.

Did you know that it is possible to make a teaspoon and a half shot of Tylenol last 10 minutes? I think #2 has set the record for LONGEST POSSIBLE TIME EVER to finish a dose of Tylenol. I had no idea a person could take such tiny sips of anything.

Beloved Husband and I continue to fight colds and coughs, that fool us in to improvement for a day only to turn on us again the next.

We here at Chez B have a long standing tradition of being ill over the holidays. We came to the disturbing conclusion this evening that we could not remember the last Christmas break where every one was healthy. I think it was maybe 1995. I am not kidding either unfortunately.

Tomorrow I think I will begin to price home fumigation. I fear that is our only hope at this point. Maybe I should burn some sage or something. Do they sell Lysol in gallon buckets? Can I get a special attachment that will allow me to shoot it from my garden hose?

All I know is next year we are going under quarrantine immediately after Thanksgiving.

I think I will refrain from posting until I have something to say that is not illness related.

Thank God there have been no annoying horrible illness comments from my mother. At this point I can not be responsible for what I may say or do in response to idiotic remarks.


Valerie said...

Get better!

Missy said...

We are trying. The fever spike last night must have been the last hurrah, she has been fever free all day and nearly back to normal mood. So here's hoping we are on the other side of things.