Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Ticking Time Bomb

Last night or I guess more accurately it was 12:30 this morning I was awakened by a crying #2.

Never a good thing.

She couldn't sleep because her nose was too stuffy. Yes indeed she did soud rather congested. A dose of Simply Stuffy (note to the parents of young children out there... this is good stuff!) was administered with a kiss and a tuck, and Mommy stumbled back to bed.

A short time later....

#2 is crying again, this time at my side of the bed, the complaint: her tummy feels sick.

Oh man.

Being a compassionate(read TIRED) mother I allowed her to climb into bed and snuggle with me. There was no peace for me though I gotta tell you. I had to do the "please don't throw up on the bed" chant multiple times until I finally fell back to sleep. (It worked by the way.)

Any one who has had the joy of sleeping next to a 4 year old knows that you don't sleep for long periods of time when the 4 year old is in bed with you. So at my next wake up time, I sent #2 back to her room, grateful that we had avoided vomit on the bed.

Today, no fever. Still stuffy, lethargic. Cranky. Took a long nap, then wanted to go to bed early and fell asleep right away, didn't even come in for her extra snuggle time. All of this added together does not look very promising.

Unfortunately #2 is supposed to perform as an angel in tomorrow's Christmas program at Church, followed by a dance perfomance at the mall in the afternoon. #1 can cover the part in the Christmas program, but can't fit the dance costume. Last Pre-School Christmas program is Tuesday morning.

Not great timing here.


We will be awakened tonight by a feverish child who will stay that way for the next few days. Soon to be followed by sister, mother, and father in no particular order. Likely the next victim(s) will fall just in time for Christmas.

I am feeling a strong urge to get Christmas wrapping, stocking stuffer buying, and baking done right now.

The above urge is beat out by the one I have to bathe the house in Lysol in a futile attepmt to kill germs that in all likelihood have already infected us all.

I fear for the future!

Stay tuned....

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Ted Carter said...

Alex is producing more snot than an entire middle-school cheerleading squad, so I feel your pain.

Plus my throat is feeling pretty scratchy, as well...