Tuesday, December 20, 2005

So I don't have psychic powers

Well I was a bit off in my illness predictions. #2 Came around and was fine for all of her performance committments.

#1 however is not faring quite so well. She has been coughing and complaining for the past two mornings, but not appearing to be too bad off.

This afternoon afterschool she has succumbed to the dreaded fever.

Man I hate the fever. For completely unknown reasons they make me nervous. I try to let them do their work and not medicate unless the fevering child is really uncomfortable, or we have reached the 102 degree mark.

It is hard though. I have to keep my over active imagination in check too. I have the capacity to envision all sorts of horrid illnesses.

I keep those thoughts to myself. I realize it is crazy thinkin'.

I do know how I come by it though. My mother. The difference is she voices her concerns, and allows her crazy flag fly proudly.

"#1 complained of a pain in her side for 2 seconds one time as she runs around the house never looking more healthy? Oh dear I hope it isn't appendicitis! You had better keep an eye on her!"

"#2 has a cough? She coughed once the entire day? I sure hope it isn't tuberculosis. Maybe you should call her doctor."

I promise you, my mother can come up with the most debilitating illness possible for any symptom regardless how minor. It is something to witness, I tell you.

My beloved has wondered if there is such a thing as being a hypochondriac for other people.

I am looking in to it.

Meanwhile I will NOT voice my crazy thoughts. I WON'T!!!


Ted Carter said...

Isn't that Munchausen by Proxy?

Missy said...

No, I think that is where they convince others through drastic means that the person is suffering from a serious illness. Like poisoning to create symptoms that mimic an illness.

Ted Carter said...

Right. Maybe we can call this one "hypocondriacle transferrence?"