Sunday, November 28, 2010

I was on such a roll


The past three weeks have been doozies.

We have succesfully opened and closed the Wizard of Oz at the school where BH teaches and directs.

#2 got to be a munchkin and flying monkey in the show.

For those of you not in the theatre know, Wizard of Oz is a huge undertaking as far as shows go.
I believe there were 90 cast, crew, and orchestra members when it was all said and done.

Nearly every performance sold out so that was a good thing.

Getting that bad boy done took up two of the last 3 weeks. Last week was taken up by holiday travel.

I am still trying to figure out why preparing an entire meal for 11 people in a kitchen that I am unfamiliar with was so much more relaxing than hosting the dinner at my own home, where I usually only make a couple of dishes at most.

Could have something to do with having 25+ people converging on my home, all of whom have 10,000 questions about where things are and where should things go.

Just a guess.

In fact Thanksgiving was SO low key this year that I almost, ALMOST want to suggest that going to BH's grandparents become our new Thanksgiving tradition. If it wasn't for the 13 hour drive....

I made a new dessert this year that I think will be part of my contribution from here on out. Chocolate Pecan Pie. Oh my heavens. I think it may have reached the ranks as my #1 favorite pie. I had to leave almost a whole pie at BH's grandparents house and I might have almost shed a tear about that.

So November is ending. I didn't have quite as many blog posts as I had hoped, but a girl only has so much time.

I hope to have many posts in the next month about having a 13 year old in da house. (Oy. Oy.)
I also hope to do much sharing about yummy Christmas food I will be preparing. It has finally gotten cold and jump started my desire to be in the kitchen.

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Shari said...

Chocolate pecan pie? You must share the recipe.