Thursday, November 04, 2010


As a general rule I avoid travel at the holidays like it is the most heinous disease in existence.

I just like to be home at that time.

The last time BH and I traveled over a holiday was about 13+ years ago when we lived in California where we had no family and only a few friends. We came home for one of the major holidays each of the two years we lived there.

Since we came back to Kansas and subsequently had children we have not left the state on any holiday.

This year though, the times they are a changin'.

We are hitting the road to visit BH's grandparents.

Now that someone else in my family has a home large enough to accomodate our masses, we no longer have to host all holiday family gatherings. This is allowing us to take a trip this year.

Sadly BH's grandma has not been doing well, so an extra visit this year seemed like a good idea.

So I am sucking it up and coping with my disdain for looong ass road trips and holiday travel.

Cuz that is how this wifey rolls.

What are your feelings about holiday travel?

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