Friday, November 05, 2010

Oh Come ON.

The family and I went to see Megamind 3D today.

The kids have been excited about the movie for a long time, and we really were overdue for a fun family outing.

Also BH thought it would be fun to see a movie on it's opening day.

My issue is with the extra $3.50 you must pay every time you see a 3-D movie. This is presumably to pay for the special glasses required for the movie. Glasses that we don't keep, but instead put in a giant bin to be recycled.

What we at Chez Babble propose is that if you choose to keep the glasses and bring them with you the next time you see a 3-D movie, and not have to pay the $3.50 again. Of course if you have no glasses then of course you pay the $3.50 extra.

This is what seems fair in our world.

So get with it movie theatre people! I know you are raking it in, so give a family a break willya!?

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Shari said...

I agree with you. It's no wonder the movie studios make so much money at $3.50 for glasses they paid .25 for.